Sony Bravia 40" KLV-V40A10 *2,750 Euros



Hello to everyone,

i m a newbie here!!

i was too in the dilemma of bying either plasma or LCD television, and as i live in Greece, prices are not exactly low here..

First, i was very worried with the burn-in issue of the Plasma televisions, when showing static images....
For example if you want to view a channel with 4:3 aspect ratio, you have to set the plasma to produce the black lines at right and left to transform the picture to 4:3, AND what happens with the plasma in the areas where the black lines are appearing in the right and left edge of the television?? will they be burned-in???

i have also found this

SONY BRAVIA 40"KLV-V40A10 model for 2,750 EUROS only!!! with VAT included!!!!


SONY BRAVIA 40"KLV-S40A10 model for 2.381,34 EUROS ONLY WITH VAT included !!!

Isnt the price too competitive???

please give me your input

PS is the different between 40 and 42"inches noticeable??

thanx again!!

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