Sony Bravia 20" KDL20S2030


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Normally I would spend a good deal of time researching these things myself, but my other half is putting big-time pressure on for a snappy decision. She's keen to fork out for a flat-screen and we're in the market for something between 17" and 26".

She's seen the Sony Bravia KDL20S2030 on Amazon for £450 and I would like some opinions on whether this is money well spent.

I'm aware it only has one HDMI socket, but for now hi-def is not really a consideration for us, so is not a major negative.

The set itself seems to be well-regarded, so I guess what I'm really asking is, does anyone know of any deals for sets in the same size range that come with quality included (and DVB included is a must)?

Many thanks all.


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Certainly recommend the Sony S series,

Picked up a 26 inch today

Great freeview and Sky quality, from a viewing distance of 8 feet

Pricey but worth it (699 with 5 yr guarantee)

Cheaper options would be the Tosh WLT66


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i'm gonna go for one of these myself in the next month and put it on the wall in the bedroom, don't know of anyone with any experiences but i can't wait to be placing my order with Amazon, they do seem the cheapest...

if/when you get yours, let me know what you think...




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I`m looking at this one aswell but I am worried about motion blur with my 360.

if you get one please give us a report.


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We have a wall mounted 20S2030 in the bedroom, and have been very pleased with it. Haven't used the HDMI socket but have a DVD player connected via component and the quality is very good in my opinion.

As for motion blur, it doesn't seem to be any worse than any other similarly priced LCD's.


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I've just come across the Philips 26PF5521D for £500. It has 2 HDMI ports. Would this be a contender for those with a bit more knowledge about the market than myself?

I've been reading the reviews on Amazon and have picked up on the fact that one person sees as a negative that it can't receive HD content without a separate box. But wouldn't this be true of any teles at the moment, or are they manufacturing them with HD receivers built-in?


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After much discussion we've decided the new tv will probably go in the lounge rather than the bedroom. As a result we're probably looking at 26".

Therefore, the current shortlist is:

Philips 26PF5521D - £499
Sony KDL26U2000 - £539
Toshiba 26WLT66 - £499

Would d'ya reckon?


Just spend another £50 and get the Sony KDL-26S2030. I just bought one and they have excellent picture quality and also one of the best looking TV's I have seen.

The one problem with them is that the speakers do not have much bass although quality is very high. I am going to send mine back to the shop or sell it as I need it to have better sound but I am very reluctant as it is such a nice TV.


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I have a 26S2030 and can recommend it

Good SD via freeview and good Sky

I agree bass is not so crash hot, but beats the Sammy easy.. and at the end of the day if sound is important it can be fixed via running it through an amp

PQ cannot be fixed!!


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the Sony S is a great set, however as you may have noticed as i do harp on about it a little, i really rate the Tosh (the 32 inch ione at least) as a tv and it has great sound.

out of those 3 you list thats the one i would bag


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I really like this little TV. I picked one up last month and have been very happy with it - and I'm a PQ snob. It is easy to use, very flexible in terms of inputs, and SD material looks surprisingly good considering it is an LCD.

I also plugged in my XBOX360 over component and after a bit of tweaking I was very impressed - it looks so much nicer on this little set than it does on my JVC 28" CRT.

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