Sony BDV-IT1000


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Haven't really used the forum, I just use the site for reviews, I need your help though...
Does anyone still use a BDV-IT1000?
I have the chance to buy one, and just wanted to get thoughts on a 5 year old bit of kit.
Still looks bloody sexy


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It has limited functionality and won't deal with MKV or similar files but if all you want to do is watch discs then that would not be an issue. It should provide an improvement over direct TV audio however none of the components are however upgradable / usable with a better amp so if you decide to improve the system it will be a throw it away and start again scenario.

If you have nothing at the moment it may be worth a punt for a short term solution (make sure you hear it all working first though) but being honest if it's going to cost any more than £50 I'd pass - oh and it was released in 2008 so that makes it 7 years old not 5.

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