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sony bdps 550 (will it output dts MA to a av reciver that does the decooding insted)


Standard Member
hi all

I have the s550 and you all proiblly know the isues weather it decodes dts ma or not. i get the feeling it doesent.... as it does not state anyware on the box or the player that it does nor wen playing a film like ice age 3 which is dts ma 7.1 it never says 192khz only 48khz which if i understand correctly is dts core. it doesnt even say 96khz even when using coaxal or optical.


so what i am asking is if i buy a new av reciver say the new sony hd800 that decodes ALL sound formats, can the 550 output the right signal to the hd800 so that i can aquire full dts ma 7.1/192khz.

please someone who knows shed some light on to the subject as i am compleatly fed up. ive lookerd all over the web for the answer and can not find it. many many thanks.:)


Distinguished Member
99.9% of all films are only recorded at 48Khz anyway, so what you are seeing is correct and won't change with an amp doing decoding. Very few titles have 96Khz audio, mostly music ones, and probably only enough to count on one hand have 192Khz audio.

192Khz is the maximum that format can support, not the rate that all tracks in that format are supposed to be. ;) Likewise for TrueHD and uncompressed PCM.


Standard Member
ah i see... so 48khz is rite then.:confused::)
but how come all my dvds in dts when played on ma other dvd player it outputs 96/24? but then when i play on the bd it only stays at 48khz. its very frustrating indeed..... lol:facepalm:

how come bluray have only opted for 48khz as standerd when theres better?

so which films can i try to see if my 550 will acctully output 192khz out of my multi-channel?
many thanks everyone for helping me out. :clap:


Active Member
The US all region release of Akira contains a japanese 192khz-24bit
Dolby True HD soundtrack and sounds fantastic.


Standard Member
Thaks where can i get this from? and does anybody know anymore films? :thumbsup:

Nic Rhodes

Distinguished Member
Films are all basically 48Khz with only the very odd exception, so all the discs are are the same. Players can upconvert to 96khz which may help some poorer processing gear but they should still have the same '48khz' information to use.

Off the top of my head I can not think of any 96khz let alone 192khz film sound tracks you can use though there is the odd music based one. I am sure there are some but that is looking for the exceptions which seems pointless as high quality sound come from proper analogue and digital engineering and not bit numbers on a track. Even the decent 550 will struggle to extract all the info from a DTS track where as a 10 years high end processor may well do much better.

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