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Sony BDP-S760 firmware update on iMac


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I have some questions about firmware updates to the S760 for our Apple Mac users...


I have the Sony BDP-S760 and the menu shows it has software 11.1.006, therefore I know there is the 007 update available for it.

My ISP is Virgin Media and I connect to the internet at home from their Scientific Atlanta EPC2100R2 cable modem. The CAT5 cable goes direct from that into the back of my iMac (mid-2007). I do not have an Apple Airport base station, therefore WiFi is turned off on my iMac.

Is there a way to make the internet visible to the S760 over wireless or do I need to unplug the iMac and get the CAT5 direct from the cable modem to the S760?

If that is not an option, is there a place to download a Mac-compatible firmware file from Sony as their is a windows-only .exe?

What is in that .exe? Is it just a self-extracting zip that I can get a PC-owning friend to run and save to a USB drive that I can then burn to a DVD-R or is it an installer application? Can I run the firmware update from a DVD-R or does it *have* to be a CD-R?

Thanks in advance for the help,



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Hi Mate,

you could turn on "Internet Sharing" on your iMac, with this you can create a wireless network which will allow your Sony connect to the internet and download the update. Hope this helps.



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Thank you, Ciaran - that was just the tip I needed.

Googling "mac internet sharing" got me guides for setting up sharing the connection over the iMac's wifi (you only get low security WEP mode, but it will do for the odd firmware update).

When I tried to get the S760 to connect automatically, it failed, saying it could not get the DHCP settings from the iMac.

When I Googled "mac internet sharing sony" I quickly found many references to sharing your iMac's connection with a Sony PS3 over wifi. It turns out that you need to configure the PS3 (and also Nintendo DS, Wii and of course the S760) manually.

LINK : Using an Apple Mac as a Wireless Access Point PlayStation 3 Guides, Articles, Walkthroughs and FAQs - MyPS3 Guides

That guide has all the steps needed. Going through steps 1 to 4 and treating the S760 as though it was a Nintendo DS was perfect - connected first time, was perfectly happy with the wifi connection and speed and completed the update in a matter of a few minutes.


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