Sony BDP-S6700 - PAL DVD (25fps) Playback at correct frame rate


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I have an LG C1 and I want to view a TV show that is currently only available on DVD.

As I understand it, I need a native 4K or 4K upscaling player?

To save some money I have my sights set on the Sony BDP-S6700 (4K upscaling - standard DVD/Blu-ray player)

I don’t intend on buying or playing HD/UHD Blu-ray Discs as I stream everything.

1. Is this the ’best’ player to optimise DVD playback on my TV?

and most importantly:

2. Will this player correctly output PAL (25fps) and not force the playback at 60 Hz?

The reason I need it correctly output the frame rate is so that it doesn’t clash with the LG motion interpolation.

I find that whenever the frame rate is played correctly, my chosen interpolation setting (depending on the content) works better.

The TV show I plan on watching is actually a soap opera and the discs are encoded at 25fps so in light of that I want the interpolation to be set to high for this particular use case.

My guess is that if the DVD’s are playing at the correct frame rate then the smoothing algorithm will upscale the frame rate to 50fps without stutter or excessive visual artefacts?

Thanks for any help and I hope my post makes sense.
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You don't need a 4K "upscaling" player, anything with an HDMI output would work. At a minimum most players will upscale the SD signal (480/576) from a DVD up to 1080p anyway, then the TV will do the rest and upscale to the native resolution of the panel (4K).

Getting a player that can upscale everything to 4K is fine, although in most cases the TV will do it better. There is only so much that can be done with SD upscaling though - most DVDs are heavily filtered and processed anyway so I wouldn't worry about the tiny differences between different scalers.

If all you plan to use it for is watching the odd DVD and you are not too fussed about build quality then I would save your money and just pick up the cheapest model you can find, maybe even look second hand.

The benefit of formats such as DVD + Bluray is that there are actual standards that players must adhere to (unlike the mess that is streaming devices), so any Region 2/B device (from a reputable manufacturer) would correctly output PAL DVDs at 50Hz, unless you intentionally force something different in the player settings or it has a particularly old or poorly implemented deinterlacer.
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You certainly don't need a 4K player to play, or upscale, to 4K for your TV. The LG will certainly do a good as, if not better, than the player itself. What the image will look like very much depends on the original quality of the disc. There was a big leap forward from standard DVD to blu ray but the difference, HDR aside, between blu ray and UHD is not that much and you really won't see much of a difference in TVs under 50''.

The Sony you have mentioned will do the job just fine but I would leave the TV itself to do the upscaling.

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