SONY BDP S500 as a good picture quality Bluray ?


I know its getting old etc . But have bought a new boxed one . based on the following

1. Build quality , hate these new players that feel like cardboard.
2.Only using 2.1 speakers etc so now needed the latest and best quality sound etc

3. The HDMi1 thing is not a issue, i would never use the other function, i just watch movies

4.Value for money , they look expensive in their day so for £80.00 new boxed (never opened) it has to be better value than what Richer sounds have £4£ ?

Would it be worth once i set it up to do a firmware upgrade ?



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The only thing the Sony will be better at than current much cheaper Sony's will be in perceived build quality.

In all other respects it's inferior and is a very old, slow and basic player under the hood. I don't think it even supports bit-streaming of DTS-HD, let alone decode it, so even with a 2.1 setup you will not be getting the latest or best SQ.

1080p/24 video will be fine, as most BD players are. However, it will take significantly longer to get started than any of Sony's current models for the same money, and they will decode & bitstream HD audio in general as well.


watched a dvd using the 360 last night. It was so much better than the Denon.Blacks had not grey sections. No image blur at speed etc and colours much sharper etc . Sound had a edge that i liked
all in all i am very very happy.

Loading speed etc is not a issue for me. I "might" unpack a S500 and see if there is any difference ?
I dont want to get sucked into the whole ££ thing. I buy 99% second hand and try to get simple well made stuff. Thats why i was hoping the S500 might "appeal" to me. What the S500 cannot do might be a good reason for me to like it !
Disc , insert, pour wine watch
Thats me and AV for you , I lost 50% of my brains cells and a chunk of ££ on Hifi years ago, Looking back it was a waste . Do not want to waste more and start having friends around to chat all night long about cables etc !!

Thanks for your advice

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