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Reviewed by Mark Hodgkinson, 27th October 2012. There’s almost nothing to fault the Sony BDP-S490, it handles both high and standard definition discs brilliantly whilst throwing in more VoD services than you could probably ever use. Build quality could be improved and it’s not the quickest to load but these are minor complaints and overall it offers great value - a definite Best Buy.
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and a tray loading drive that’s encouragingly quiet in operation.
No noise then from the review copy at all?
I've had two of these players and both were returned due to a very annoying loud high pitched whine during playback.

If I thought this was just a one (two) off I might give it another go as apart from the noise it semed a nice enough player.


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Just to clarify the review - it says you have to use Homestream or the DLNA doesn't work. Does that mean you have to have Homestream on your PC doing the DLNA server duties, or is there a Homestream client for the player? You use the language of "player", but it sounds like you mean "server".

Also - no FLAC file support?


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Not mentioned in detail in the article - but if you dont have a smart Wi-Fi TV or DVD near your router the BDP-S590 is the same player with built in Wi-Fi for £40 more ;)

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I found that avi and mpeg files failed when using Twonkyserver to stream to Sony s490.

I got DLNA working with Twonkyserver 6.0.39 provided I followed the instructions on QNAP NAS Community Forum • View topic - Twonky-Won't Play Any Videos. Corrupted File Error

Although I dont use QNAP NAS server, it helped me. I stream from a mac, and imagine the same alteration will be useful in Windows.

First check that the Media Receiver is set to Sony Blu Ray. Then locate the Sony_Blu-Ray_Player.xml file. Open it in a text editing program. Make the changes save, and restart.

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