Sony BDP S373 and USB connection



I have a Sony BDP S 373 player which appears to have one major set-back for me: it won't recognise any hard drive connected to it via USB. I've tried a dedicated USB HDD (Western Digital Freeagent) and I've tried a HDD that is housed in a USB enclosure but the player says "USB device not recognised".

This is a pain to me because I make a lot of Blu ray films myself and it is so much easier for me to keep them on such a drive to watch. The LG blu ray player I had did not have this problem - is there a way to get the Sony to recognise the drives?


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I have got sony bdp-s373 would like to know whether it works DLNA like sony bdp-s370 or not?

Please advice accordingly.



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To recognise your drive it needs to be formatted as fat32.

The 373 is the same as the 370 with a different remote
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