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Sony BDP-S370 with Panasonic P42G20



I have a Panasonic P42G20 TV. I am now looking for my first, and a reasonably cheap, blu-ray player (up to £200) to upscale DVDs, play Blu-Ray (although I'm not into films in a big way), access internet (such as YouTube and iPlayer), and view photos and play videos stored on my computer from a Panasonic camera and HD camcorder. I have a wireless router (don't believe it's 802.11n).

I was thinking of the Sony BDP-S370, but when I asked the guys in a Sony shop, they said I would need a Panasonic blu-ray player to access the internet and other media, and utilise widgets, which totally confused me !

1) Would there be any constraints in pairing the Sony with a Panasonic TV as these Sony guys indicated ?

2) Presumably I could place my router near my TV (I have a phone socket nearby) and use an ethernet cable to connect to the Sony (which would be faster and cheaper than buying a wi-fi dongle for the Sony) for internet access

3) Could I access photos and videos direct from my PC, or would I need to copy them onto a USB stick and plug into the blu-ray

4) Would there be any benefit in buying a wi-fi adaptor for the Panasonic

5) What blu-ray player would you recommend

6) Any real benefit in buying an all-in-one system (such as the Sony BDV-E300)? If so, what would you recommend?




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I bought the Sony 370 to sit alongside with my Panasonic 26". It arrived today.:clap:

1 - I believe that the technologies are all compatible and there would be no problems with BD live or 'net apps.They may have been talking about the systems which both brands have in place, Bravia(Sony) and Viera(Panasonic), which have (non essential) advantages if you have a setup with one manufacturer.

2 - Yep that will be much cheaper.

3 - Yes, once the network is set up and your player and PC recognise each other, I think you tell Windows to share files with the Sony.

4 - There would be no cables, but I'm not sure if there are any real bonuses. Except for Sony Corp.

5 - I've just recieved my Sony 370 today. £99 at Amazon. I was going for the Panasonic BD65, but the Panny's don't do iPlayer, LoveFilm or DemandFive.

6 - No idea on that one.

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