Sony BDP-790 - wifi/network question


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Good afternoon.

I've just purchased the Sony BDP-790 and am very happy with it - great picture, quick to load (compared to my old Panny BD35 anyway!) and easy to use.

But I have a question regarding the wifi connection. It's all up and running and was easy to setup. However, does the player stay connected to the network continuously throughout playback of a bluray?

Or can I disconnect (easily) if I don't wish to the use the online features?

I know I could just disconnect and leave it dsiconnected - I'm asking if I can just press a button on the remote or player that will temporarily switch wifi off until I want to use it.

Basically, I'm worried about eating into my monthly allowance of 40Gb just by keeping it connected as I also have a 'gigabyte hungry' teenager using Xbox live upstairs and I need to keep an eye on the usage.

I hope all that waffle makes sense to someone.

Thanks in advance of any replies. :)

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