Sony BD-S350 Multi-Region playing up!!


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Guys! someone help!!

I have a Sony BD-S350 multi-region player that has been happily playing whatever i stick in it for a while... today i got some new import films, but the player has refused three out of the four new ones; previous imports still work, and one of the new ones does... anyone got any ideas????

the imports are the canadian ones you get from -


Whiteout worked :thumbsup:

Halloween, Halloween 2 & Pandorum didn't. :mad:

Do I need to upgrade anything??? the players about six months old.


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I assume you are trying to play blu-ray's and not dvd's?

Its possible that your sony is not actually multi-region for blu-ray's as the films you have mentioned are region locked except for whiteout.

Possibly all the blu's you have purchased up until now were not region locked.


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Not without a hardware modification which will cost possibly more than the player did.

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