Sony AV vs Hifi system help



I've got an ageing Sony mini system (actually strangely happy with it musically - it was a reasonably decent one when i bought it about 5 years ago) that I'm finally considering getting rid of.

I spend most of my time listening to music so want decent hifi performance but don't really want to restrict myself to just 2 channel if I can help it.

Anyway, have been looking at various Sony options and could do with some advice.

If I go for an AV receiver such as a STRDB1070 is it going to be vastly inferior musically compared to a 2 channel amp such as the TAFB940? (bearing in mind I'm used to my mini system sound at the moment...)

Secondly, and along similar lines, if I went for a DVD player rather than a dedicated CD player how much difference does it make?

Speakers wise I'm going to go for a 2 speaker setup initially and get more when I can afford it. I'm considering some B&W601s (seem to get good reviews and I like the oak colour ;-)) but have also heard good things about the B&W VM1s which look striking and would probably be better suited to an AV setup.

Any suggestions greatly received.

James Frost

Ian J

In general a good hifi amp is miles better for music than a good AV receiver.

Likewise a good CD player is miles more musical than a DVD player.

Marantz AV amps have a better reputation that most for two channel work but of course the more you spend the more liklihood of getting better two channel reproduction but it isn't always the case.
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