Sony AV Receiver STR-DH820 problem connecting devices

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by MIB6859, Feb 23, 2013.

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    I have hit a problem that I do not understand nor can I work out if I have done something wrong. First of all, the various pieces of kit I have is as follows:
    • Sony Bravia TV KDL-46HX803 connected to
    • Sony AV receiver STR-DH820 via a single HDMI cable
    To the AV receiver, connected via HDMI cables, are the following devices
    • SKY HD+ box
    • Sony BDP-S480 Blue ray player
    • Sony PS3
    The speakers connected to the AV receiver are BOSTON 5.1 plus a sub woofer

    The TV, Sky box, blue ray player and PS3 are also hardwired to the internet router.

    All has worked well:thumbsup: in the recent past, but now only the SKY box seems to be functioning ok with AV receiver.

    When I try to use the Blue ray player or the PS3, I cannot get an image or sound from either to the TV other than an interrupted output of 1 second duration, the AV systems appears not to accept the input from these two units.

    I have tested all cables, connections etc. The devices function correctly as I have connected directly to the TV, and all is well.

    The only thing I can hazard a guess at is that there is an incompatibility issue with the software on each of the devices. I have done a factory reset on the TV and the AV receiver, but wonder if the Blue Ray and PS3 have been updated via the internet.

    I seem to have got myself into a very confusing mess and need some advice and guidance on what to look at next:lease:

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