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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Carl, Nov 18, 2002.

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    Hello guys.

    At the moment i have a stack consisting of a Sony NS-300 DVD, quite an old Sony CD player and a Sony Amp of a similar age (around 5 years old). I hooked the DVD player up to the Amp and its fine but i'm hankering for surround sound now. :D

    I'm relatively new to home-entertainment systems so i'm looking for good, clear advice here lol, also, apologies for any 'newbie' ignorancies....:eek:

    I was wondering, could i replace my ageing amplifier with an Audio Visual Receiver? And would i be able to use this in conjunction with both my CD player and DVD? I assume i can due to the 'A/V' part but i just wanna check.

    If it's cool to swap the old amp with a nice new one, what could you recommend, and which companies (internet based or other) do recommend purchasing from?

    Also, i assume i will need a surround-sound speaker set-up, again, what would you recommend?

    I have a budget of around £400-500 to spend. I use the system for approximately 60% music and 40% DVD.

    Thanks. :)

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