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Question Sony ATV2: Ethernet-Port and high bitrates?


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I have (painfully) found out that my Sony ZD9 (Z9D in US?) has problems playing bitrates above 60MBit/s via Ethernet from my NAS.
The ZD9 is a 2016-ATV2-System. It "features" a 100MBit-Ethernet-Port.

Any 4k-HDR-Stream with more than ~60MBit/s stutters.
Any 4k-HDR-Stream with less than ~60MBit/s plays smoothly.

When I play these files via USB3.0 (from US-HD), they play smoothly.
When I connect the TV via WLAN, these files play smoothly from my NAS.

This shows
- that the NAS is fast enough
- that the Ethernet-Connection from NAS to Router (fritz-bx 7490) is fast enough
- and that the ATV2 is generally capable of streaming these files.

Has anyone else encountered this symptoms?
OR has anyone a working ethernet-setup that plays higher bitrates on ATV2 and can give me any hints?
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A number of things can cause bandwidth issues over category/ethernet cable.

Are there any switches or other devices involved in the run to the TV?
Are powerline adaptors involved?
Is the cable fully wired?
Is the cable genuine category cable or might it be CCA?
Is the cable a flat type?


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The Network is as follows:


All cables are at least standard Cat6 twisted-pair, but I have crimped some plugs myself.
All switches are cheap unmanaged stuff (D-Link, TP-Link, Netgear), but all are GBIT.
No Flat-Cables involved, no Powerline.

Behind the second switch I have several PCs connected, they get ~80MB/s from the NAS.

I have configured Jumbo-Frames on the NAS (2000bit), might this be a problem for the ATV2?


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I have configured Jumbo-Frames on the NAS (2000bit), might this be a problem for the ATV2?

A lot of 10/100 interfaces dont support jumbo frames and this can cause performance issues.
Turn it off and test to see if it improves things.


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I did an internet speed test over Ethernet and WiFi (I have a 350 mbit internet link).

I can’t remember the speeds exactly but Ethernet sucked (about 60 mbits) and WiFi was much faster (over 100), so I now use WiFi exclusively.

Poor Ethernet is probably down to bad SoC design.


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I did an internet speed test [...an...] Ethernet sucked (about 60 mbits)
That correlates with my experience that any video with more than 60MBit/s stutters.

Too bad, Sony!

BTW: Jumbo-Frames are not the problem. The ZD9's Ethernet-'Performance' is the same without and with 9k-Jumbo-Frames.


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Wired directly into my router I get 80mbits from my 350mbit internet connection.

Really disappointing that a high end TV has such a weak network card in it.

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