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Sony Android TV - USB HDD annoyances


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I own a Sony KD49XG8396 featuring Android 8 and I use a 2.5" 500GB external hard drive for movies and series.

Trouble is, every time the TV is turned on with the HDD connected via USB, I get a prompt that says a USB drive is connected and asks me to open the gallery for photos or music or videos etc.

Since I have also a file manager app installed, I get a similar prompt from this app too, before or after the "regular" Android prompt.

So, if I keep the HDD connected, I get two useless prompts every time the TV is turned on!

I searched high and low for any solution to cancel those prompts, but found nothing.
I even searched for an app that could possibly cancel this stupid behavior (there are millions of apps out there, so why not) but to no avail...

Trying to find a workaround, I thought about formatting the external HDD as internal Android storage.
I know that doing so I would lose the ease of simply transferring and connecting the disk to a PC to refresh disk contents, but since there are apps that can transfer files over LAN to Android internal storage of Android I assumed that would work for me.

Indeed with the HDD set up like so, I got rid of annoying prompts.
However, after formatting (through Sony's corresponding menu) the external disk as internal storage, its capacity drops from 500 GB to 271 GB!

I would accept having to use an app to refresh files on the disk, even though I haven't tried it yet and so don't know if this actually works. But why on earth do I lose almost half of the HDD capacity, if I want to use it that way?

If anyone knows any solution either about getting rid of USB prompts or about combating reduced capacity of HDD formatted as internal storage, please shine a light...

Thanks in advance.


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I have a 500GB USB HDD connected to USB 3 of my 55XF9005. When I first connected it I used the recording menu settings to format the drive especially for USB recording and then register it to the TV for recordings.

I have the full 500GB Capacity and I don't get any of these pop ups that you speak of.

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