Sony and samsung and pioneer hdmi problems


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Hi there,

I have the flowing set up

Sony str-da3600es which feeds a pioneer 428 plasma

Attached to the Sony I have apple tv and a ps3. These are attached to the sony and display on the pioneer with no problems.

Yesterday I bought a Samsung q430 laptop with hdmi out

When I attach this to the Sony amp, the picture displayed on the tv is slightly too big for the screen and so things like windows close buttons are not visible.

The odd thing is, if I attch it directly to the tv by hdmi, missing out the sony amp, the display is fine.

Any ideas as to what I can try????

Many thanks mark.


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According to the manual, you can specify the signal input type for the HDMI connections. The two options are 'Video' or 'PC'. Setting it to PC will disable overscan allowing you to see the full image.


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Thanks for that - this is highly annoying - as I wanted to connect the pc to my av receiver.

I am puzzled as to why if I connect the pc directly to the pioneer tv it displays correctly, but not when it goes through the Sony av receiver??

Does this mean that no home theatre p/c's can be connected to an av receiver without having to change settings on the tv each time??

Why is an hdmi signal from a pc different to that of say a ps3?

Thanks for any help. Mark


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Maybe the HDMI input you're using on the TV when connecting the PC directly is already set to PC mode? Or is it automatically switching?

Most TVs these days will save different picture settings for each A/V input. So if you had everything connected direct to the TV you could configure the settings for each input and they'd change automatically when you switched sources. Routing everything through one input on the TV like you are with the receiver means you lose this feature. Unless the TV has different presets (Game, TV, Movie, etc) that can be configured within each A/V input, all you can do is manually switch the settings.


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Thanks Steve - is this likely to be an aspect of the Samsung laptop - or will all laptops have the same output problems? Thank you.

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