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OK, decided on the 1080 as a temporary upgrade before I get my Tag 192 next year.

Local Sony centre has it in stock for £499 with a 3 year warranty.

Barclaycard do a price promise where they will refund any difference if you see the item cheaper, later on. I know Unbeatable are doing it for £380 so what's to stop me getting one today from the shop, bagging the 3 year warranty (makes it worth loads more at resale) and then claiming the difference back off Barclaycard, thereby actually getting it at the cheapest price around?

Not a lot that I can see.
As long as Barclaycard don't have Terms and Conditions which say: "must be bricks & mortar price" like other stores, I reckon you could be onto a winner!

Nice one!
Just checked the T+C's and internet is fine but they want to add on any delivery charges which is fair enough. Unbeatable are quoting £388.94 including postage. I think I'll go for it and just have a trawl later to find the cheapest price.

Also, I guess I'll be sure of getting a UK model from the shop, I know some amps used to be different for euro markets, dunno if that still applies.

For info, I recently bought a TV from the local 'superstore' and got Barclaycard to price match it with QED, no questions asked and no problems; the difference was there in black and white credited to my account.
This does sound liek the way to do it

Roll up to your Sony centre or whatever, buy with the plastic and then get the difference refunded. Additionally if you registre the item with Barclaycard then I believe they wil extend the warranty by two years (if you are a Platinum card user) for free. You have to check if they will cover the item, though - perhaps there are some things they do not insure???

Been there tried that, they only extend the warranty of "home" goods (ie TV, VCR, washing machine, fridge). Any product which can possibly be ruined by the consumer like a speaker or CPU of a PC they don't cover. To clarify though, with the regular B'card you get 1 free extended year on top of your normal manufacturers guarantee, dunno about the Platinum version.

I hate to sing the praises of B'card but you also get free 60 day cover on all purchases over £50, I've used this service 3 times with dead CPUs and got the money with no I always buy gear with B'card even if I have cash on me :)
paiger, try a search as this has been covered a few times to good effect.You may unearth some good links as well. :)
Richer Sounds have this amp for 299.99

Obviously stock permitting.
Originally posted by johna
Richer Sounds have this amp for 299.99
Don't think so. ;)
OK, got my amp with 3 year warranty included free. I'll leave it a couple weeks to see if I can spot a real bargain price for it. Robert Whyte seem cheapest so far at £360 (thanks Pompeysteve) but Richer may get them soon so I'll give it time.

So let me get this straight.... If I buy pucka UK sourced goods from a CEDIA installer as part of an install project (obviously paying a fair amount more than regular High Street, never mind Internet) and do so on my Barclaycard, Barclaycard will then refund the difference ?? !! Sounds like a win/win situation....

Have I missed something here ??
As long as you have receipts for the actual items and you can prove they are available elsewhere for less (has to be a identical item).

I havn't put it to the test yet but I will be soon.

Also when you use the Price Promise does the actual goods have to be in stock where you find it cheaper or do Barclaycard just credit the difference as long as meets all there other T&C. I had a look at the T&C on the Barclaycard site but there nothing about the product having to be in stock that I can see. Any idea someone ?


Dunno, but I'm thinking of setting up a site selling 1080'2 at £30 and being permanantly out of stock.:devil:

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