Sony and AVForums Projector Event - 28th November


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Thanks for the video and thoughts guys.

£18k not that bad really when you compare it to some of the Sim 2 models which are still only 2k panels.

Steve and Phil I thought you were growing Mo's for November. Maybe if the video was in 4k then we would actually be able to make them out :laugh: :devil:


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Great vid fella's. Anybody in need of a kidney? I have a spare.;):D

It's a big muvva' that 4k machine.


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It was huge! Even bigger in person!

Thanks to both AVForums and Sony for organising this. Had a good time and got to meet some fab people.

Mr Blu

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Thanks for the video. Very exciting piece of kit. But I just couldn't bring myself to lay down that much money for a projector, even if I found it in a paper bag lying on the street! Looking at the historical price development of Full HD projectors from the release of the Qualia to the release of the HW10 (my first PJ), I'm pretty confident that a genuine 4K PJ will be available for (compared to 18 grand) 'peanuts' in 2-3 years. And by a neat coincidence the "how are we actually going to get 4K material?" question will be cleared by then.

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