Sony amp problem, Help



Hi All

My friend has a problem with his amp.

He has a SONY STR-DE445, today a tupperware box fell off the shelf on to the top of the amp. As soon as that happened the speakers started buzzing and now protection flashes when he turns it on.

Understand this means that there maybe a short circuit.

But I took all of the speaker cables and plugs out of back the amp and still the protection comes on.

There is no sign of damage

Any ideas ?


Strange ,what was in the box?
I suppose if the main output transistors were very hot impact damage to the amp could kill them,but a platic box with biscuits in :confused:Have you tried a system reset ,thats my answer to most things ,i doubt if it will work because somthing must be wrong with the output if the protection is coming on.
Thanks for the suggestion bob.

But my friend has tried reseting and that does not help.
He also says that the amp is not getting hot.


If you haven't tried it turn upside down and make sure nothing has got inside. Give a gentle shake. Otherwise something make have cracked (board or component) rather than there being a short.

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