Sony AMP DB945 'unlock' Problem?!?



Hi everyone,

i'm having a problem with my Sony DB945 (gotta check model number -not sure if that's right:). When watching DVD's,
with sound output via optical lead, the Amp will randomly flash
'unlock' on it's diaplay, and, produce no sound output (while unlock is displayed).

A bit of a pain!

I'm sure I remember reading an 'lock/unlock' option on the amp?..
but have been unable to find this information again :(

Any ideas for solving this problem?


My amp (STRDB1070) does the same thing if the sound from the DVD/CD player is interrupted - i.e. if I switch it off, or very briefly during layer changes etc. As far as I'm aware it's normal... (mine's certainly always done it!) If it's happening at odd times or on a more regular basis are you sure it's not a problem with either the DVD player itself or the cable you're using??

Sorry if it turns out I'm unecessarily scaring you... ;) hehe...

Kelvin. :D
On my Yamaha amp I sometimes get a brief audio drop-out,seems to be a spec of dust/dirt or fluff or something on the disc but it never occurs in the same place,I can even skip back and repeat the last few seconds and it wont be there the second time.
With my 1070 and my NS900 dvd player, I get the same symptoms with either digital coax and optical with dvd's but also when the player is initialising the first track on cd's too. It also happens at the point of ejecting any disc, but only briefly.

This happens regardless of any of the receivers display settings. :)
It does it when its set to AFD auto format decoding, its looking for the best audio to play.
Originally posted by JSW
It does it when its set to AFD auto format decoding, its looking for the best audio to play.

I stand corrected ;) Just tried to recreate the symptoms when using "Normal Surround" and it didn't happen. As JSW says, it only happens in AFD so it sounds like you have nothing to worry about :)

Kelvin. :D
Thanks for all the replies!

but, no luck :(

I've tried turning off/on AFD, and also changing input from
auto to optical. 'unlock' still flashes on for various lengths of
time, and at random times (not layer changes) :(

My actual setup is Panasonic 350 DVD player (multi-region), connected via optical lead to Sony STR-DB925 amp.

Any other ideas please?

Thanks again,


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