Sony AMAZING Grand Wega 50" Rear Projection Television


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It didn't fair too well in the review by What HiFi and only got 3/5 stars.

The title of the review was "Sony Grand WEGA not so grand."



Another example of personal preference.Regardless of a magazine review,if you think it's good then it is.Conversely only an idiot would buy a television costing upwards of £1500 on the strength of a mag review (appologies if i'm being hard on idiots here). ;)


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It's innards are pretty much the same as the 'Award Winning' VPL VW10 HT LCD projector. Odd, then, that the one got an award at the time, whereas the other didn't.

I tend to take reviewers' comments with a pinch of salt anyway. Too often, they don't understand, well enough, what they are dealing with and make what are actually stupid comments, and mark down the product as a result.

For example, when HCC (I think) reviewed the predecessor to this TV - the KL50W2 - the reviewer commented adversely on the omission of any convergence adjustment. (Was mentioned in the text, and was listed in the 'Against' column in the summary)

(If you didn't know - LCDs' convergence - which is actually not convergence, but panel alignment - never drifts, so, if set right at the factory, will never need adjusting - unlike CRT RPTVs which DO need such a feature). I'd have put this one down as a 'for' - but there you go.

I, too, think the Grand Wega is a gorgeous TV. And, it will never suffer from any Screen Burn, Geometry, Bounce or Convergence problems, nor from external magnetic fields. It will, however, need a new lamp from time to time.

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