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We got Sky Q (not UHD) fitted last week and since its been fitted we randomly get the info bar on our Sony 55AG8 appearing, even when watching a recording off the Sky Q box. When the banner comes up, we get a loss of sound for 2-3 seconds. This can happen quite frequently, maybe 10-15 times whilst watching a 30 min recording - so it's quite annoying.

Sky have been out today and replaced the box and HDMI cable but the issue remains. The engineer reckons its an incompatibility between the 2 devices but, I don't know at which end the issue lies.

We had Sky Q a year ago and that box was fine with this same TV. The engineer said those boxes were different (more basic) to the new ones.

Things I've tried to fix it:
  • unplugged the TV and Sky box for 60s and plugged them back in
  • turn the info bar off on the TV settings (not really a solution but a workaround, still get momentary loss of sound)
  • a new HDMI cable
  • a different HDMI input on the TV
  • removed some bloatware off the Android OS to see if it was a processor/resource issue. Made no difference to the original issue but menus on the TV navigate smoother :)
  • tried both the standard and Enhanced HDMI setting on the TV
  • setting the Sky Q resolution to 720p, 1080i and 1080p. The issue can be replicated on all these resolutions
  • changed the audio settings to normal and Dolby Digital for the HDMI output on the Sky Q box
  • updated the TV firmware as a new one was released last week

Has anyone else had this issue and what did you do to resolve it? I will raise a case with Sony also but I think they will point the finger at Sky which leaves me in no mans land!

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