Sony af9 10 bit?


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Which nVidia product? Shield TV?

Also, presumably you're trying to output to the TV? You won't get any video output from the TV.
Thanks for your reply.
So to simplify, I have the Sony af9 OLED connected to pc via high speed hdmi cable.
I have an NVIDIA gpu, so when i have installed the drivers I go to Nvidia Control panel>Resolution>Then in settings there I have RGB selected but only goes to 8 bit.
Please help.


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What do you have the resolution set to? FHD or QHD?

If you're trying to do it in UHD then it's not possible, HDMI 2.0 devices don't have the bandwidth for 4K/RGB/10-bit. You'd have to drop the colour resolution to 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 (if supported) to get 10-bit rather than full RGB.


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Its a shame i guess because on my PG27UQ monitor I can go full rgb 10 bit with display port though
Displayport 1.4 has more bandwidth than HDMI 2.0 which is why its possible.

PC 10-bit may not be that necessary unless you see banding issues in the TV graphics picture preset if using your PC with it. You could try feeding the TV a YCC 444 signal instead in 8-bit mode and see if the TV's internal picture processing handles that any better.

If you want to try that, in your screenshot select the nvidia color settings and change the output colour format from RGB to YCC 444 and set dynamic range to full.

444 is good for desktop usage but not nessecary if its just for games your playing on the TV.

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