Sony A90J remote awful battery life


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I have had my Sony A90 since August 21 and my TV has again requested new batteries be inserted, this will be the 3rd set since I received the set.

Thinking there may be an issue with the remote I contacted Sony support who inform me this is normal and they would only think anything is abnormal funder 20 days.

The remote is a thing of beauty and I can only assume it’s the back light that consumes the power, all the batteries used are decent ones.

I have fitted new batteries and turned off the back light to see how it goes now.

Oh! And in case anyone else with a Sony reads this I seem to be only able to turn the back light off with fresh batteries in the set.

I am still loving the TV though.



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That's annoying - have you asked in the owner's thread to see if that is normal ?

I've had my Panasonic OLED for just over 2 years and I think I'm only on my second set of remote batteries. The remote isn't illuminated though.

Presumably the Sony's remote backlight only illuminates when a button is pressed and not all the time ? Hard to see how a few tiny LEDs would have much impact on the battery life if that's the case - I would have though the IR transmission itself would be the biggest power drain.

You might want to consider using Energizer (non-rechargeable) Lithium batteries - they're expensive (around £2 each when bought in a pack of 4) but they last for an incredible amount of time, at least in my experience. Amazon's Blink security cameras come with two Energizer Lithium AAs and my camera has been on the go (armed every night and whenever I go out) on the original batteries since December 2019... seriously !

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