Sony A80/84J OLED Owners and Discussion Thread

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Can anyone test this please, surely someone must have disney plus here.
Same exact issue with those 3 movies on my 55" A84J.

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Can't beat a new TV day!
Nope. Taking my time with this one. Make sure I do it right. Will start after lunch.. Any "must do's" to take into account during initial setup???


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Afternoon. Im thinking about getting one of these TVs in Black Friday sales. Whats the state of play with the catch-up apps?

Ive got a Chromecast with Google TV and it has iPlayer, ITV Hub and My5 and I am wondering if this TV is the same?

Im only really concerned with iPlayer tbh although I can obviously just cast if needs be.

In general, is it the same availability of apps as the Chromecast?


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Hi guys. I've just moved into my new home and looking for a 65" TV and currently torn between the C1 and A80J. I popped into Currys and they have a A84J which is the same price as the A80J (Β£2,199) but meant to be better due to it's brighter screen?

The TV will mainly be used for movies/netflix and playing PS5.

Is it worth waiting til Black Friday and hoping they drop in price?

Any feedback would be much appreciated!


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Nope. Taking my time with this one. Make sure I do it right. Will start after lunch.. Any "must do's" to take into account during initial setup???
Yeah, don't drop it :D

Seriously tho, setting this up was a doddle, I was really impressed how easy the feet went in - and it's toolless.


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Right ok thanks.

So, C1 or A84?!

I would only be able to get the A84 if it drops to around Β£1800..
I've never used C1, so this is subjective at best, but if you'd not use the extra gaming features of the C1 I think you'd be more than happy with the Sony.

Most reviewers state the Sony has the better PQ.

I've got an Xbox Series S and the 4k 120Hz works fine, just need VRR now. Eventually. Maybe.


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That's a pretty good deal! I think their codes have expired now so will have to wait for the next one.

What's the best way to keep up to date of any price drops/discount codes?


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Hi Guys,
At 11 foot viewing distange 65 or 77?

Viewing 80% Sky Q hd (Rugby, news, movies and tv programmes)
20% Netflix and Amazon
So very little 4k

My concern is the drop in picture quality on the bigger screen. I saw a 77 inch today in currys and it looked bad on sky hd (i'm sure the settings were all over the place but still).

Any thoughts? I crawled through the thread and didn't see much on this- saw a lot on glossy screens!


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