Sony A80/84J OLED Owners and Discussion Thread


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Anyone here tried the Dolby Vision gaming through the Xbox Series X? if so how is the input lag as the A80J doesn't have Dolby Vision Game Mode.



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Set my 77 up last night.
First impressions are
The 77 doesn't feel as big as I expected coming from a 65, maybe should have considered the 83 !
User interface is slick and easy apart from the Sony application of the euro power warning such a pain but probably won't bother me in a couple of months once I got everything dialled in.
4k hdr pq is sublime, very good indeed.
Motion I'm almost there with so that should be great with a little more tinkering.
In a fairly bright room the brightness is absolutely fine.
I'm.struggling with colours at the moment, I've spent a lot of time tinkering. It's seems heavy on the blue and light on red but confident I will get there. Tried Rtings settings and they were way off for my set.
The worst aspect of the TV is.

The bloody glossy screen, it's like a mirror and far far worse than the zd9 led screen it's replacing. I mean very reflective, would the semi matte versions be better ? I don't know.
I'm.sure I will get more used to it but why anyone would think an oled is great because of the glossy screen is frankly unfathomable to me.
So far very pleased but dialling it in is going to be a challenge as the ootb settings were certainly not acceptable to my eyes. The good news though is that it has a huge array of tweak ability so I will get it sorted. I reckon I'm about 85% there so far.
I have to agree on mirror gloss finish, it is something I'm still learning to live with.

Checking dirty screen effect on 5% grey via YouTube does show some defects, but non are visible in normal viewing.


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That doesn't look bad to me.
Certainly not enough to worry me at all. Of the test of the screen is good then that's not a bad result. I have seen much much worse


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Hi all, I’ve been on the LG C7 owners forum for a number of years and I think it’s time for a upgrade. I’m torn between the A90j 65inch or jump up to a 77inch A80j? I’ve never owned a Sony before so I’m jumping in the dark.. But (silly question) is the picture quality and motion on movies a big jump from 2017 LGs enough to spend the big bucks?? Just wanted a few owners feedbacks.


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Just picked up the 55 inch A80J from Best Buy this morning and it will be delivered on Thursday.
The price just dropped to $1699 in the US which I am sure is a result of Amazon running it for Prime Days for $1698. I spent the extra $200 on the 2 year warranty. I had a Samsung a few years ago that stopped working every 2 weeks and was glad I purchased the warranty for that.
Of course I also had to pick up the backlit remote for the A90J on EBay as well.


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Had it a few days now so a little update.
Still impressed by the screen uniformity, its absolutely spot on.
Sound is probably the best i have ever heard from a tv's own built in speakers, needed to adjust the equalizer a bit though, but very good. Its definitely better than a cheap sound bar but is still no substitute for a decent bar or even better, a full surround system. Anyone in the UK dropping the money these tv's cost to then pair it with a cheap sound bar would be a waste either buy a good one or just use the internal speakers.
Ive moved most of my settings onto the warm colour selection as custom and standard were just not doing it for me. Warm is definitely helping with the too much blue my screen has shown and im pretty much on top of motion too. Smoothness 2 and clearness 1 is pretty good with Film mode Low.
Im experimenting with reality creation at the minute which is sometimes good but then a different show will bring SOE and i would want it off so not sorted that yet.
Probably about 90% sorted now overall.
Still looking into
1. Reality Creation
2. some whites still dont look 100% natural and a bit too blue
3. some near blacks are too black but then some near black look brilliant so still working in this too
Thats about it for now
A very good set and i would recommend it to anyone.
I have my set hard wired into my router rather than wifi and i think bravia core looks really good even if the max bandwith is more restricted. Watched 1 movie on it so far and the app froze after about an hour so had to come out of the app and go back in to resume playback but the quality of the image and dts soundtrack were really good for a streaming service.
Sent my claim in for the playstation voucher but that can take a few weeks apparantly.
The WORST aspect about the tv is the reflections on the screen it really is like having a 77" mirror.
So far as i am concerned it has no reflection handling properties at all and this glossy screen doesnt add anything to the picture quality, this seems to be something all oled really need to get a handle on as its pretty poor. My zd9 handles reflections SO MUCH better and thats old tech now as i bought it in 2017 - ish.
So i am almost there and no doubt the last 10% of happiness i strive for will be achieved in the coming weeks


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My new TV arrived today ordered a84j from Sony doesn't say which model it is a80j or the a84j on the box.
Wife sent me picture, I'm working until tonight so can't check it..


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Can anyone please confirm that the A80J doesn't dim full screen when watching footie? A8H doesn't do it but my previous AF8 did and I had to return it. Deal-breaker!


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Any sign of iPlayer being added? I can use via Sky Q short-term but it's very slow by comparison and doesn't do UHD. A8h has a firmware update today - wondered if the A80J was getting one that might address this?

Are there any other downsides like this. The price reduction has really made me want to push the buy button now
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