Question Sony A1 green line on right edge


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Just saw this today on my lovely A1 purchased December 2017 from John Lewis.
any ideas what it is and does it need reporting to JL ?
Thanks 🙂



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At risk of being a plonker, apologies for double posting threads and maybe a mod can tidy my mess?:(
I thought the pics had not uploaded so started again- - - it was late:blush:
Ok, Ive just switched tv on and the light bleed has goneo_O
I also turned the table lamp on and off thinking it may be to do with the light being picked up but so far nothing. I guess it may be to do with heat and length of time the screens been on?
Its very distracting though and worrying too given the cost of the tv.
thankfully its JL 5 year guaranteed and also Sony too so some hope exists.
Any ideas appreciated.

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Hi there. It's not clear from your post if the problem has cleared up since you switched the set off/on (?). If so, it's entirely possible the problem was transient, caused by some sort of software hiccup that's cleared itself up since the power cycle.

If it comes back, there are several steps you could perform to confirm it's the TV and not source related, for example (to save time with JL).

FWIW, I've never seen anything like that on my similar vintage 65" A1 (from ps3, apple TV, sky or external free view recorder).


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Hi and thanks for your comments.
well it’s been on most of the day and evening and so far no repeat issues thankfully.
naturally I shall keep an eye on it but it was peculiar and I felt it best to record the phenomenon so that if it occurs again I’ve a start point to refer to.
it was all the more noticeable with the fine thin edge to edge screen surrounding. Thanks again. 🙂
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