Sony 900F: Green pixel noise on HDMI 3


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I bought new 49” Sony 900F last week and it was fine for few days but now I am randomly getting green pixel noise all over the screen on HDMI input 3 ONLY. It looks like a green noise/snow effect overlayed ontop of the image. Some of the pixels flicker green. Some of the green pixels just stay there. I’ve included a picture.

When it first happened it was when I woke up in morning after using the TV the previous night hooked up to my PC via HDMI input 3. I turned on the TV snd noticed the pixels. I switched from my PC to my xbox one S and still the same symptons.

It got progressively worse and the screen started turning off on every few seconds until the image got replaced with white noise background and green/rainbow pixels. And the sound coming out of the tv was cracking pop noise. The tv randomly turned off 2 times the previous day and I thought it had to do with the rainy weather and I don’t know if that has something to do with it.

I tried swapping HDMI cables, i tried hooking up the HDMI from PC or XBOX directly to my TV, thinking it is my Sony DH900 av reciever but it made no difference. I tried putting the HDMI 4k signal format of my av reciever to standard instead of enhanced and the green pixels went away.

I got pissed and double checked that its not my receiver and unplugged everything from the reciever and tried individually hooking up all my devices directly to my TV, the green pixels on HDMI 3 were back. So, I did the only thing i could think of and unplugged all the power cords. Waited a few minutes plugged everything back in and the green pixels were gone!

It’s now a few days later and the green pixels are back. I got home from long day at work and wanted to watch bluray movie on xbox one s. I unplugged my HDMI wire from pc and swapped it to XBOX one and turned it on. Green pixel noise is back! And this time it wont go away. I tried unplugging the power cords and waiting. I tried unplugging all the HDMI wires. I made sure i wasnt “hotplugging” them by having the devices powered off when i was swappig the HDMI wires. I tried power resetting the TV through the remote. I tried plugging the devices directly to TV. Nothing works to remove the green pixel noise from HDMI 3. I tried switching the wires to any of the other HDMI inputs and the green pixel noise goes away. Only problem is that I need to use HDMI 3 with my PC for the HDMI audio return feature (HDMI eARC) feature so that i can hear my PC audio but HDMI 3 is the only input that had eARC. Don’t know what else to try. I’m contemplating bringing the tv back to Best Buy this Friday and doing a return.


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Hi Mr Dragon, do you get green pixels over aerial or satellite inputs, if not then maybe hdmi board is faulty? Phil.

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