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Sony 870 Input 1 not Widescreen + Recording


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Hi guys.

Sorry if this has already been discussed, but had a quick look for the 1 question, and couldn't find anything, and maybe the other was answered, but thought would post here anyway :)

I have the above DVD/HDD recorder, and am currently very please with it.

I have set it up like this:

RF Input -> VHS -> 870Digi -> 870 Analogue -> Sat Receiver -> TV

I can receive RF Input fine on all Receivers...

Have VHS -> TV via scart, Sat Receiver -> TV via component, 870 -> TV via HDMI. All go to the TV well :).

Have the Sat Receiver -> 870 via scart, and receive it on the 870, but it doesn seem to show in widescreen. Have looked through the manual/options, and couldn't see anything, but expect it to be something simple. So hopefully someone can help out?!

I also wondered whether it was possible to record on the 870 from both analogue and digital at the same time? I doubt it, since whenever I try to do anything on the receiver when it recording from anywhere, it says unable to do anything (or words to that effect ;)).

But would appreciate advice/confirmation on both if poss :)

Many thanks



the sony can only record from either digital OR analogue , when its set to one tuner , thats it , so just one at once

line 1 should be the sat receiver input to the sony , and the sat box set to widescreen as well as any sony settings

the vcr rf should be from the sony digital rf output to vcr rf input , then vcr rf output to analogue rf input on the sony , so its in the analogue loop section


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Also (forgot to state earlier), the output of the sat receiver was set to 16:9, so should be received as 16:9 on the 870... Unless someone knows of another setting I need to put in for the Tm5400 receiver to be received on the 870???


the rf links should be like this

RF Input -> 870Digi -> Sat Receiver -> VHS -> 870 Analogue -> -> TV

that way you can record the video to the sony and the sat receiver to vcr or to the sony and keeps the sony as close to the aerial as possible

on the tm5400 I assume you have the ability to change to rgb widescreen or to component ?

my 1500 is set thus:-

full screen
rf channel 40
spdif on

now if you have yours to something different like 4:3 or component or whatever it may affect your scart rgb widescreen settings

try tuning in the sony analogue tuner to the vcr rf output and also the tm5400 output , and check if they are in widescreen , as well as checking the scart on line 1


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Haven't played about with the RF yet, but will get behind the box and have a looksie about.

Yes, I had the tm box set to widescreen as said, but it seems that it just doesn't seem to like it and stretch it.

Was watching a french channel, and the channel wasn't widescreen, so showed on the 870 as not widescreen, and then to a german channel which was widescreen, and showed on the 870 as widescreen...

So guess it's all set up properly. Just that on the tv it showed as a widescreen. Must be someo sort of "auto output" or something...

THanks for the help :)


I am not sure if you are mixed up regarding the subject of "aspect ratio)

on a widescreen set , widescreen should show as 16:9 and be full screen

on a 4:3 set , a 4:3 picture would show as 4:3 and be full screen

on the 4:3 transmission to a widescreen tv , the aspect ratio should kick in and maintain the height , so black bars should appear on each side , so that the picture isnt stretched horizontally making a straw look like a lamp-post :)

so on the tps channel the 4:3 transmission should be in 4:3 with black vertical bars on either side of the picture and should not look stretched , maintaining the aspect ratio

and on premiere the widescreen aspect should be correct giving a full , unstretched picture at 16:9 , as it should be

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