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Hi there

Getting to grips with my new hdx870 and it all seems pretty great so far.
If I want to set up a freeview recorder so I can watch something else while a recording is taken place how should I do it? The instruction manual only seems to mention setting up an anolgue tuner (canal + etc).
Also when I switch it on I have to select TV/DVD button to bring up Ex 1 (to view Freeview) on TV. Normally when connecting via scart to TV the TV automatically comes on to EXT 1. Only a minor irritation but just an extra button that my 6 year old son has to learn so he can watch TV in the morning without waking me up!:thumbsup:



if you want to watch a different channel while recording , leave the recorder recording and use your tv tuner or an external tuner to watch something else

ideally , use a tv with a built in freeview so you have an alternative

the recorder will let you watch previous recordings , the current recording or a dvd while it is actually recording , but wont let you watch a different channel which is why you need to use your tv tuner or your tv av inputs for an alternative source

this recorder does not use scart switching so you have to either use the title list or timer or similar action to turn the tv onto an av channel , or use the av button near the bottom , or use the av button on the tv remote to select the correct one

so you could use the epg guide button , find what to watch and select it

but you wont get automatic av scart switching just by turning the recorder on


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Thanks for the advice, the only thing I'm a little confused about is the configuration of an external freeview player. If I plug my main TV aerial into the back of the Sony as I want this to be my main player what leads go where on the stand alone freeview player?( i haven't got a built in freeview on TV)



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The RF aerial from the wall should go into the 870 (digital in), then from the 870 (digital out) to the RF input on your freeview box. Then freeview RF output should go to your TV. Then connect a SCART from your 870 to the TV, and another SCART from your freeview box to the TV (assuming your TV has 2 scarts).

Then while you are recording on the 870 you can switch to EXT2 on your TV and watch the output of the freeview box.

[Note that the 870 also has an analogue tuner, and if you want to use this you simply introduce another RF connection; 870 (digital out) would go to 870 (analogue in), and 870 (analogue out) would then go to your freeview in as before]

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