Sony 85XH9505 (new) v LG OLED 77CX6 (grade A refurb)?


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Ok, so I thought I'd decided on the Sony due to the size - 85" because I am using it for a TV / Cinema room. But in the back of my head I am worried about the blacks as the TV will mostly be used in the evenings for films.

I've recently found a refurb grade A 77" CX6 for the same price so obviously losing 8" but gaining better blacks and lowlight performance.

For info the TV is replacing a n LG B6 65" OLED which has performed brilliantly with no screen burn.

1. Will I notice the difference in blacks on the Sony compared to the current LG OLED that I have?
2. Overall will I be happy in a low light room with the Sony?
3. Will the size difference 77 v 85 make an impact? (viewing from a distance of 4-5m)

I really want the larger screen and kinda hoping that since 2017 when I bought the LG 65 that the Sony XH95 has caught up with screen quality?

Or am I am being completely mad and should buy with my head and get the OLED and accept a smaller screen size.
I'm in a position where I just sold my LG 55" OLED B7 with "burn-in" last week and bought the Sony 55" XH9505 instead.

Picture quality wise there is a difference. The contrast on the LG OLED B7 is amazing compared to the Sony XH9505. It's not possible for the XH9505 to get the same contrast, black level and the same luminescence as with OLED. There is more blooming around bright objects and bright highlights are not "popping" as on OLED. I am not sure how many local dimming areas the 85" model has, but the 55" XH9505 model only has 48 local dimming areas.

Otherwise the color detail on the Sony XH9505 is very nice, it looks very natural and the image gets quite bright when the image is fully lit. The sound quality of the built-in speakers is also better on the Sony, but you will probably have your own audio-setup. I have the TV in a bright living room. In the 3 days time now since I own the TV I got used to the new TV and don't miss the OLED TV all that much.

I went for the Sony XH9505 because my family and I tend to watch regular cable/sat TV with channel logos which can "burn-in" and I play a lot of video games where UI elements can also "burn-in". I had some terrible experience with LG's customer support and their repair service partner so I want to avoid such issues in the future.


I really want the larger screen and kinda hoping that since 2017 when I bought the LG 65 that the Sony XH95 has caught up with screen quality?
Not really, things don't move on that fast and LCD is more or less an end of life technology now. They've already extracted all they can without pushing production costs higher than OLED.

Probably though you'd want to compare a TV with more dimming zones like the new QN90A to an OLED than the XH95. The Sony XH95 is a good TV, but it doesn't have the same dimming zone count as older flagship TVs had, and therefore won't match the performance of those TVs. Problem with new models like the QN90A though - they are currently very, very overpriced having just been released.

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