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Thanks to advice received from Ged in this forum,I've decided to keep my Sony SACD player rather than change it for a Pioneer 565. Having read some other threads I am looking at the possibility of selling my Sony 7700 DVD player privately and replacing it with a Toshiba 900E. Has anyone any experience of comparing these two machines side by side? I play back via a Panasonic 36" TAU TV, Denon AVC A1SE amp and Kef egg speakers with an upgraded Kef sub. If I do change will I see a marked improvement in picture/ sound on playgback of DVDs? Apparently for a DVD player the quality of Cd playback is good.
Many thanks in advance for any information received.


I was in a similar predicament a few month ago. basically i have the sony 7700 and wanted to sell it and replace it with a player of similar calibre. I got such terrible offers on my sony that i decided to keep and buy a denon 2900. The toshiba 9500 is miles ahead of the sony 7700, not to mention ntsc prog scan, hdcd and dvd audio. But the toshiba is a bit long in the tooth now and does not have PAL progressive scan . I would sell the sony and replace it with an all singing or dancing universal players like Pioneer 868 or denon 2900 / A11


Dave, I was able to do a side to side comparison between the older toshiba sd 9200 with the sony 7700. I must admit toshiba was a much better player by quite a margin,pictures were clearer, colors more vivid,not to mention that toshiba has prog scan,hdcd and dvd audio. I would have bought the tosh but it was out of my price bracket. I would assume the 9500 is a much better player and hence you cannot really go wrong.

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