Sony 7700 worth replacing?


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Hi all!
I've had the Sony 7700 for about 2-3 years now and feel a buring desire to replace it! My question is, would some of the newer genereation of players be of a better quality, I'm thinking of players like Toshiba 520, Denon 2800 MkII etc.
Also whats a mint nick, multi-region 7700 worth these days?

Cheers guys,

Gliese 581c

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To be honest, unless you dig really deep and spend, you wont notice that much of a difference to justify swapping your 7700 over to another player.

As I said, unless you buy big, the old Sony 7700 flagship player is still class.

Nic Rhodes

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If you want features, then fine. If you want better performance then be prepared to spend serious money to get something much better. Much more money than you are indicating in your post. Arcam DV27 and above (£1600).

I'll give you £50 for the 7700:rolleyes:


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I was just about to post a simalar message. I have the same player for the same amount of time. Just purchasing a Toshiba 32ZD26P and was thinking about selling my S7700 and getting a Toshiba 510E or Pioneer 656A..... but not sure now.



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I went through the same quandary about 2 months ago. In the end I did change as I got a pj with component in and the component out on my S7700 was pants. S-Video was just superb and to be honest my new Sd900E is only very slightly noticeably better. It was the need (want) for component out that swung it for me as the S7700 gave incredibly dark pictures via the component outputs.

Of course, mine could have been faulty but it exhibited no other problems and was mint. I got £270 for it.


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Unless the machine is faulty or you consider going the progressive route I don't see a point in replacing it ... rather wait until the digital interface has been sorted and buy a new player then.

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