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    Hi all,
    I have a Sony 725 silver dvd player ,I am thinking about buying the 7700.Has anyone got one of these good or bad reports would be very appreciated.If an alternative is around that is better please let me know.My main use would be dvd movies so picture quality is very important.Many thanks in advance.
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    I've got a Techtronics chipped 7700. IMHO, the picture is outstanding and certainly worthy of the tag "high end". To give you some kind of idea, I was watching Aliens over Xmas and the level of detail in the dark alien lair scenes was the best I can remember it and that includes watching it on TV (hmm?). Might be worth taking a DVD with a dark scene and comparing vs. your 725.

    Sound (via Toslink through a Yamaha A2) is also great (e.g. Matrix lobby scene, or the echo'y atmosphere of the castle rooms in Elizabeth).

    The only thing to consider is that the 7700 is the same generation as your 725. The 7700 should have a better picture than the 725, but by how much I couldn't say.

    I bought the 7700 only recently (my 1st proper DVD player after my PC) and the only obvious alternative to me at that price point was the Pioneer 737. I was put off by the high jitter figure measured by HCC (I'm using the 7700 as a CD transport as well). The only new player which has caught my eye since buying the Sony is the new Arcam, but that's 900 quid.

    If you're not interested in DVD-A or SACD, then I can't fault the Sony. The only thing I'd mention is that it hasn't got the Magic Pad interface and the feature are more limited than the 725. This doesn't bother me - I just watch the movies [​IMG]

    In summary, great picture, great sound, no lip-sync (so far and I've not heard of any problems with it).

    Hope that helps.

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