Sony 730/930 or Pioneer 565


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Jan 20, 2004
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Seaton Carew
After reading some older forums I see that people are tending to go for the Sony 730 instead of the 930.
I have a Hitachi 42" 3000 plasma, Kef 2005.2 and Yamaha 630RDS, I have asked in the past about ALIS technology in my plasma screen and seems to be the opinion that a progressive scan DVD player could be a waste of money. I am interested in the button on the front of the 730 that switches between PS modes (I think), would this make any difference to the picture or should I go for the 565 which I believe has a really good picture through it's RGB scart?
I got the 930 and I am very pleased with it after my Tosh 220e and I thought that was excellent. The 930 sounds excellent for Cd's IMO and DVDs look superb.
Go for the 730. It has a very fine picture through RGB SCART and you still have the option of a better picture through multi-region prog scan. I bought mine from Techtronics for under £130 and it arrived swiftly with no problems. Picture (through SCART) and DD/DTS sound are both WAY ahead of my old Pioneer 535. I was surprised because I only bought it for the cheap prog scan ability but in fact it is clearly better even on RGB and the sound is more detailed, better separated and goes noticeably deeper (this is through coax digital out to a mixed Denon 3801/Naim Audio) system.

It's a bargain.

I had a similar choice to make.
In the end got the 930 for the PAL prog scan ability. I am well pleased, particularly on pal prog scan thru my PT-AE300 . From what I have read if you don't want SACD (though never tried it on my 930) then save the dosh and get the 730. There may be a couple of other features that the 930 has over the 730 but consensus seems to be that there is little or no difference in picture quality or sound between the 2.
From the specs the 565 does not do PAL progressive scan but reviews have been v good generally. Does do both DVD-A and SACD if that is important to you

Well I've just ordered the sony 730 for the pal progressive so I'll let you know how I get on with it.
I bought the 565 as I rated it for sound quality above the two Sonys.

Already had a DVD-Video player which ****** all over both Sonys anyway, so just wanted the pioneer for DVD-A/SACD playback.

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