Sony 65W855 with a Sony DN1040 and Speakers


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Have the TV (amazing BTW) and looking to team up with the Sony DN1040 amp and pair up with either the DALI Zensor 1 5.1 or Q Acoustics 2000I 5.1 (or are these both a bit crap and there are better alternatives), also do they come with speaker cables and if so (are they good) and if not which is the best cable?

Also, does anyone know if I would need to put cables up and down the room or can the rear speakers (that I presume connect to the subwoofer) send wirelessly so at least the cables are in the top half and bottom half of the room?

Thanks and hope what I said above was clear.


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All the speakers, including the sub, will connect to the receiver directly so none of the speakers will connect to the sub at all.
You can buy kits that convert the rear speakers to wireless but good ones are not going to be cheap (a few hundred I would say) and they will degrade the sound quality. Running cables to the rears is by far the best and cheapest option and the cables can easily be hidden under the carpet or skirting or in something like D line trunking.
The 1040 is a reasonable amp but there is no need to buy a Sony receiver just because you have a Sony TV. Any receiver will give you the same functionality with the TV as the Sony one and will not be any harder to set up etc. I believe the Dali are probably the slightly better speaker although the QA are more than acceptable as well and both are consistent with the level of receiver you are looking at. I believe the Dali are considered bright sounding so may not be the best pairing with a Sony reciever (would be recommended more for Yamaha and Denon receivers). That said a lot will depend on your personal sound preference so try to demo the different combinations and see which you prefer the sound of.


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I went from a HTIB to Sony 1040 and Q Acoustics 2000I speakers, with a Wharfedale Powercube sub. I love the setup and would recommend.
Have you had a look on Ebay?

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