Sony 65AF9 vs LG 65C9 vs Panasonic 65GZ950


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This is tricky comparison of TV's, but with 2018 stock of the sony's still available and reaching similar prices to the 2019 panasonic, I am wondering which TV would be more suitable for requirements.

- TV will be in a dark room and will be largely used for watching movies through Sky HD box or more likely a Sky Q box. Secondary use would be to watch Netflix content or for Xbox gaming, although this won't be online.
- TV will be plug into a Yamaha AV receiver (RX-A1070) with B&W DM601's front and rear, an LCR60 (assuming I can find a way to set it up!) and a REL Quake

I am fairly confident that all TV's will perform well on greyscale and colours, but my main concern at this size (and upgrading from a 46" LCD) is motionflow. For this reason despite being the most competitively priced, I don't have the full confidence (yet) the LG will perform as well as the other 2. I have come across a thread of the AF9 vs C8, with the general concensus being that the Sony was more favourable (but also significantly more expensive than the LG at the time).

I would also consider a professional calibration of the LG, but not the other 2 (due to total cost).

I would also be interested to hear from users using the Sony's centre speaker feature with other external speakers in a 5.1 suround or other environments.

Would be great to get some feedback from users before making a commitment over this sale period. Many thanks.


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Out of these the Sony will probably give you marginally best motion and upscaling, but will have the weakest gaming, hdr performance and os.
the Panasonic is a strong all rounder and not really weak at anything.
of course you could look at a good qled as Samsung have good motion, a superb os and very good for gaming, but won’t be as strong as the oleds for general film watch8ng etc.
its always going to be a compromise I’m afraid
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