Sony 65" XH90 vs XH95, 590 dollar difference worth it?


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Hi all,

We lately moved to a new house and the living room is alot bigger than in the previous apartment so our tiny 40" TV has to go.

I don't game that much (if not at all) but we watch lots of movies and TV (SD and HD) so I don't care about VRR or HDMI 2.1. The living room is bright, lots of windows so OLED is not an option and that is why I've narrowed my options to Sony since I appreciate good PQ, anti-glare and brightness.

I had the 65" XH90 but I returned it since it felt so big (yes I know it is amusing now) and got a 55" XH95. Now it feels too small so I'm once again thinking about getting a 65". My other option was Samsung Q90/Q95 but I dislike Samsungs oversatured picture and Samsungs way of pushing ads on the TV even though Q90/95 should be better than Sony's XH95 at the same price point.

The 65" version of the XH95 is around 500 euros (1500 euros total) or around 590 dollars more than the XH90 and I can't find it cheaper anywhere here in Finland so I'm pondering if it really is worth it at that price point? I've watched lots of Youtube reviews and read reviews for hours and it really seems XH95 offers a better PQ but will I notice it really?

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It can be hard to find a new 65" XH95, Gigantti may have some demo TVs left. Check out the TCL C825, can be found in some Gigantti Megastores.

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