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After researching for a while, and viewing various options in store, I have narrowed down my search to the Sony XBR65X900E. But before I get into my question, let me divulge some details of my setup.

This TV will primarily be used for gaming, including a PS4 Pro, Xbox One S (an X when it releases) and a gaming PC (so I do use it as a PC monitor). It's secondary usage will be for standard Blu-ray movie playback (and hopefully more UHD Blu-ray in the future). For TV, I have PS Vue and an OTA antenna, though I probably won't be watching that much Television on this set outside of a Football game or two. The distance from the couch to the TV is 9 FT (~2.7 meters). Ideally, I'd like to spend no more than $3000 (~£2300).

Which leads me to my question. Is the X900E the best choice? Did I miss a better option? Is the 930E worth the extra money? Is 65" the right size?

Everything I've read said I should get the LG B6, or the LG C7 (or the Panasonic 902B, but we don't get that in the States). I viewed both the B6 and C7 next to the X900E and I didn't personally think the OLEDs looked that much better to warrant the extra $1000. Granted this was in a store with terrible lighting, and the content was different, but I just wasn't wowed by either LG despite their universal praise. Maybe my eyes just aren't that refined, or I just went in with too much hype.

I also read a lot of praise for the Samsung KS8000, but I can't find it in stock anywhere sadly. I didn't hate the Samsung MU8000 in store, but the MU line won't satisfy my HDR needs from what I read. I also looked at both the Vizio M and P lines, but they don't have TV tuners which kills my over-the-air antenna.

Any thoughts, insight, or advice would be welcome. Thanks!


Model numbers differ a bit in north america compared to europe.

Its a bit of a tricky time to buy a TV now, availability will differ between regions but TVs historically hit their lowest price almost a year from when they were released. In turn they also get lowest in stock at this moment, so the true deals are to be found at this time by finding a 2016 models but not leaving it so late for the stock to run out.

That is why the LG B6 is recommended, its a 2016 model that was selling for almost twice its price now when released, it is in a different league in quality to a model like the Samsung KS8000/9000 or even the XE90/XE93.

But there is one downside to getting an OLED, especially a 2016 model and that is its limited brightness with HDR. Although I think that OLED tech itself is better suited for HDR, you get next to no colour banding or screen uniformity trouble with an OLED and you also have next to no motion blur which is simply awesome when gaming, it also doesn't get as bright. Whether you think that extra brightness is important to you is up to you, I personally don't, plus I think the far superior SDR performance of a TV like the LG B6/C6 takes precedence.

The best way to know for sure would be to demo them before you buy, to compare an OLED to an LCD like the XE90/XE93 in a dark demo room. I know in the US there is usually better customer service than here, so I don't know if a store like Best Buy would oblige, but it would be good to find out.

Apart from that I would say the only issue with the B6 OLED in particular would be with PC gaming in the future. The TV although having low input lag for console games may inhibit too much input lag for PC games when sending full chroma/HDR. It also doesn't show full chroma when HDR is enabled full stop. Which may be a problem down the line but only with HDR games on PC. They will still work, but not in full chroma if they were designed too.

With those issues it makes the Sony XE90/XE93 a better buy for you, but you should demo to make sure you don't think the difference in SDR pq on the LG is worth it.

Right now you could also look at finding other Samsung KS series tv's that are on sale, they offer better value if you can get a good deal compared to the new Sony TVs. In the US there is KS8000, KS8500, KS9000, KS9500 and even the KS9800 the latter which is a FALD tv and will kill the others with HDR performance, including the Sony XE93.

The XE93 is worth the extra over the XE90 if you want slightly brighter HDR, a thinner design and also dolby vision support. You should compare them on the canadian site rtings.com
Sorry I have just realised I have been using the Sony EU model names, XE93/XE90=X930E, X900E.


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Thanks for info, Dodgexander.

I am definitely interested in the Samsung KS line as I read a lot of good things about them and I tend to favor Samsung sets. I haven't been able track down a good one yet for a good price. Most places I've seen them so far are offering them at weird prices, or are from less than reputable websites. But I think I will continue to search, maybe expand my net a bit more, see if I can find a good deal.

Good note on the XE93/X930e, I forgot it had Dolby Vision over the XE90/X900E. Something to consider there for sure.

I will also need to try testing out the SDR content on the LGs first too before making a final decision on OLEDs.

Thanks for the info, it was helpful food for thought.


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I have big trust on all Sony products. Not because I have Sony bravia but also it is tested that every products from Sony lasted than Samsung. We cant deny the fact that Samsung offers a great viewing experience but when it comes to quality I can assure that Sony will last longer. This is only on my pov hope I can help you.

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