Sony 55XE and audio system volume problem

Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by mdrandall, Nov 28, 2017.

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    Sorry, posted in the wrong area first time.

    Can anyone offer any solutions before I return the tv please?

    A brand new 55XE8396 is linked to my older Sony ZD680W audio system. When powering up the tv from standby the audio system is also powered up with the volume set at whatever level is was when put into standby. Now I can use the tv remote to increase the audio system volume but cannot decrease it below the starting level. I have to get up and manually turn down audio system front panel knob to minimum, then I get full range volume control on the remote again. The same problem appears again if I use mute. When I un-mute the minimum volume is set at the current level again.

    My previous Sony KDL50W656 worked correctly until the screen blew after 4 years. I have also tried a 10 year old Sony from my bedroom and that also works correctly.

    Sony support got me to try a factory reset and various other options but nothing cured it. They suggested that there might be an option in the “hotel/pro mode” but I’d need to get Currys to send out an engineer to try it. Currys said they didn’t do that and I’d have to return the tv for repairs / replacement.

    Any thoughts why the new 55XE is not functioning correctly controlling the audio system volume ?

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