Sony 50W828b vs Samsung 46F6770


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Hi all,

Here's the deal: I have been browsing and reading the Samsung F6xxx and Sony W7/W8 threads extensively but just cannot make up my mind what set is the best pick.

At the moment the pricing of the Samsung 46F6770 is €770/£630, to me this looks like a very good deal. On the other side is the Sony W828b for a price of €1050/£860.
The Sony is getting great reviews and I'll get a bit more inches of real estate with it. I rarely watch any SD content, I'd say 90% is HD mostly movies/series, gaming and sports. My feeling is leaning towards the Sony, but there's no real rational explanation for it.

Is the Sony noticeably better than the Samsung, and is it worth spending the extra €280/£230? Or is the Samsung a steal at this price and should I go for it?

Torn up on making a decision, hoping you experts out there can give me some insights :)

Very much appreciated!


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from a gaming perspective the sony wins hands down with uber low lag.


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The Samsung swivels which can be very useful. Great looking TV the F6770. The Sony is getting really good feedback and great reviews. Tough call! If size isn't an issue (ie. you can easily accomodate a 50" TV) and you don't need it to swivel then probably the W8 is the obvious choice.


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There's going to be quite some gaming done on it so the input lag is a concern for me, I do like to play fast paced shooters and race games... Then again I had a Philips 46PFL8605, which is reviewed as having bad input lag but, gaming was always fine on it.

I am still in doubt if the 50" is going to be too big for our living room, viewing distance is 2,7m about 9 feet?
Cable tv will always be 720p maybe a bit close but, for gaming/movies it will be fine. A shame that Sony ditched the 46" really :-/

Another concern is that Samsung has quite a screen lottery going on, reading a lot of issues with banding/dse. Up to now the Sony screen seems to be more uniform..

Still some pondering to be done..


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From personal experience watching a 720p TV from 9ft I can honestly say that 1080i Freeview HD/Sky HD programming is absolutely fine. Check out this viewing distance chart;

1080p charted: Viewing distance to screen size

It says 10ft is where the full benefit of 720p can be enjoyed. The full benefit of 1080p is 6ft on a 50" screen.

Having said that 50" is great for watching films but pretty massive for general TV viewing. There are a few 48" TV's this year so that could be a nice compromise.


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I might even consider the 42W829, but then again rather too big than too small so seems that the 50" is the better pick.

I'm not even sure that the W829 is superior over the F6770, or that much better to justify the price difference?
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