Sony 50KDFE50A12U / Philips 32PF5521D




Please excuse my ignorance but i'm an AV Newbie and would like to ask whether or not a Sony 50KDFE50A12U can be considered a good buy against a Philips 32PF5521D.

Argos have reduced the Sony 50KDFE50A12U from £999.99 to £899.99 in their 6 Day Mega Deals sale (running 23rd Aug-28th Aug) and, according to their web-site there's a free 3-year warranty with this item whilst it's on promotion (am not 100% sure whether or not this is an error that Argos won't honour, am awaiting a response from Customer Services). Anyway, can anyone advise whether or not a Sony 50KDFE50A12U @ £899.99 is generally considered to be a better buy than a Philips 32PF5521D @ £799.99?.

I'm aware that the Sony is a 3LCD projection TV as opposed to the Philips that has a 32" LCD panel, does this mean that the pictures on the Sony are less sharp/vibrant/clear than on the Philips panel?.

Whilst i'm not 100% sure whether or not this is the right decision to make i'd rather buy an LCD panel than a Plasma. If anyone strongly recommends against this (advising the pro's and con's) please do. I'm considering buying a Sony 3LCD product providing that the picture quality is as good as an equivalent sized LCD Panel (or as neas as).

Main uses are DVD playback and hooking up to a Mac via DVI (HDMI to DVI lead might be required admittedly).

Forgot to include URL to Argos 6 Day Mega Deals sale:-

Excellent forum by the way.

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