Sony 50A12 in a bright environment


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Hi folks,

What's the 50A12 like when watched in daylight or a bright environment? My living room during the day is quite light even with the blinds drawn. Also as it will be the main telly in the house most of the time the lights will be on.

BTW I saw a Sagem in Currys and it looked very good, Powerhouse had a 50A12 but no feed to it. So I couldn't really compare.


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you should be ok im in a store with a lot of lights and the set looks fine :thumbsup:


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The pics in this post here were taken during the day with light coming in from a massive window on the left. It didn't really affect it at all. Only when the sun comes down low and poors through the window does it turn the screen slightly orange but it's not as reflective as the old CRT it replaced.
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