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sony 50 - only 567p component


Established Member
is it right that the kdfe50a12u can ONLY do HD via hdmi?
as component will only support 567p
im getting frustrated as my deinterlacer only has vga output which i use breakouts to go component.


Established Member
thats what i read too
even the manual states 567p via component?
im stuck as i want to use 720p with my scaler but this could be a problem so i need 10000000% definite confirmation!
i can use 720p through component on the samsung 950 dvd player but feel the tv will just re-scale it to 576p

its confuuuuuusing!


Prominent Member
For it to be classed as 'HD READY' it needs to be able to do 720p/1080i @50&60hz via HDMI AND COMPONENT...


Standard Member
mine outputs 720p @ 60hz no probs for both games and movies playing them through Xbox Media Centre on my modded Old Xbox

picture quality is amazing!


Staff member
nisnos said:
i can use 720p through component on the samsung 950 dvd player but feel the tv will just re-scale it to 576p
The TV's native resolution is 720 lines. So it's highly unlikely it will rescale anything to 576.

Racquel Darrian

Distinguished Member
nisnos said:
does yours have a slight stutter on 60hz signals as mine does? thats via scart though

I can readily say that the TV does not support Pal 60 via scart on my Xbox or Gamecube.


Established Member
yes thats what i get!
gamecube 60hz via scart stutter
ive swapped my tv once as the sound from the speakers was very very quiet, dont want to swap it again really!
oh my previous one did the same on gamecube 60hz


Established Member
What is the difference between 567P 576i ?through component I get 576i but i hear a lot of people talk about 567p is one to do with games and the other dvd video output? please don't tell me the difference is 9! :)


Staff member
567 is a typo. The number is 576. And it's the number of lines containing picture in a PAL TV signal.

i means interlaced. The lines are sent in a sequence like 1,3,5,7.....575,2,4,6,8.....576

p means progressive. The lines are sent in a sequence like 1,2,3,4,5.....576.

Now, on a pixel-based TV like the Sony, the image is always displayed as 720p. Thats 720 lines progressive. It has to be. It's the only way this TV can make a picture.

So, starting out with (say) a PAL DVD, which has 576 interlaced lines on it, we have to get to 720 progressive before it appears on your screen.

So two processes occur: the number of lines is increased - called upscaling - and the sequence is altered from i to p.

You can do either or both of these processes in a DVD player. Such a DVD player might be described as upscaling and with a progressive output.

BUT: If you don't do these processes in the source, then the TV will do them for itself. It has to.

So, in other words, regardless of what you send down the wire, the TV displays 720p.

Why, then, you might ask, do people get all fanatical about upscaling progressive DVD players? Answer: because in some cases, the circuits in the DVD player are better at doing these processes than those in the TV. In such cases, the end result will be a better picture. But only if the source surpasses the TV.

The above is true for DVD and other standard TV/Video sources. As for games etc; the sources on these may well not be limited to standard PAL TV (576i) and may be capable of real, unconverted 720p output. Obviously, its going to be better to run with a signal that's having no conversion done to it.

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