sony 5.1 to lg plasma



I am about to throw one or the other out the window. I have just purchased a lg 50ps3000 tv and I own a sony dav-dz500f 5.1 surround sound. I have a scart in the sony and into av1 of the tv. At this point I can play dvds and the sound and picture is very good. My problem is that I cannot get the tv to run through the sony surroundit only comes out the tv speakers. I have tried scart (tv av2) to two phono ( sony ) but still no sound when I move the tv source to the scart av2 the sound is there but no picture and i cant use tv remote to get other channels. Can someone advise I have rung sony twice and lg twice but am getting nowhere.
Its been a while since I messed with SCART.

In the TV setup menu check that AV2 is set to output TV. I seem to recall some options for the second SCART, to do with what it outputs.

With the TV speakers is there no option to turn the internal speakers off in the TV Menus?
the tv does have a setting to turn off the internal speakers. How do I access controls for the av2 all i can find is to allocate to av1 or av2 ot tv etc

Are the SCARTS bi-directional? Check to see if they have a circle with an arrow pointing both inwards and outwards. You will see this symbol next to the inputs. The manual should also tell you. If they are, you might have to go into the TV's setup menu, although I would imagine they output by default and look for AV Setup. Sometimes you can alter these, look for an option marked 'TV'. I have read recently of another TV (Toshiba) recently on the forum that had no analogue audio outputs altogether. Obviously if this is the case, you're looking for a matching digital audio connection on both TV and h/c system, which would be more than likely optical.

If that draws a blank, the only option is the dreaded headphone socket with a 3.5mm jack to phono cable to a SCART adapter. Don't expect anything from this though, the quality and volume will be utter she-ite.

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