Sony 49XD8305 issues

Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by FairHero, Dec 5, 2017.

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    Hi folks
    I picked up the Sony 49XD8305c from Currys last year in the sales, after using it for a while I was just wondering if anyone else is having issues with this set, my concerns are:

    1. PS4 Pro HDR seems washed out and dull, I have tried several suggestions on this forum.
    2. Netflix HDR programs don't seem much different to me.
    3. I can't seem to get the picture quality/colour right for TV content, it's either too bright or dark
    4. SDR content looks very blurry when scaled up (using Freeview)
    5. Also could anyone suggest a TV around £800 with good HDR/4K mainly for gaming and Netflix

    I know the TV isn't the best for the price range but I was expecting better, I believe it is a 10bit panel and I was expecting better colours etc, but after reading further and should have done a bit more research into the panel, i believe that it has a brightness of around 350 nits, which is sub-par for HDR but not entirely sure of this.

    If anyone could help with any of the issues above that would be great

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