Sony 49 inch edge lit TV vs 55 inch back lit TV

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I've been thinking about getting a Sony 4K LCD TV with either a 49 inch screen or 55 inch screen and notice that the 49 inch screen uses edge lit leds and the 55 inch screen uses back lit leds (without local dimming). Is there any difference in picture quality between the edge lit and back lit screens?

I tried to compare them at my local electronics store but it was difficult with all the bright lighting in the store and the bright picture settings used. At first I thought the picture quality of the 49 inch looked slightly more refined, perhaps due to the smaller pixels used on the smaller screen.



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Edge-lit is a type of backlighting.

Edge-lit refers to the arrangement of the LEDs inside the backlight layer, the light still goes through the LCD evenly from directly behind.

I guess the larger model uses a direct lit arrangement for the backlight?

There's no difference if they're implemented well.

Some people claim that edge-lit backlights are more likely to have uniformity issues around the edge of the screen (i.e. most noticeable place for black bars in films) but that's something that varies between individual units, as well as product and manufacturer.

It's not something I'd worry about personally.

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Thanks for the info. I'll probably go for the 55 inch. Might just have one more look to compare them when the shops are open again.

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