Sony 46NX713 arrived yesterday...

Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by cheatinjockey, Nov 27, 2010.

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    Wow - what a nice TV! :D

    The HD picture from the Foxsat looks fab - so good I managed to stand more than 30 seconds of Strictly! The PS3 also looks stunning and I have to say, even low-res movies stored on the PS3 looked far better than they really should. I thought they'd be terrible on a 46in.

    Had to play around with the picture settings though, probably more tweaking to be done yet ;) I'm quite pleased with the black levels that I've got though. I'm also amazed at how cool it runs too - waaay cooler than the 40in CCFL LCD it replaced.

    The only downer with it so far is the viewing angle - it seems very narrow for a modern set, and I don't mean 3D either... won't be using it for that :p

    Having said that, low contrast scenes also feel a little flatter than they should but that could just be the settings I guess. Oh, and it doesn't play video via the USB port - I thought it might though it was difficult to find out beforehand.

    Happy so far; I'll report back with anything else that I find.

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